Notary Public

In 2010, Myles Staunton was appointed by the Supreme Court of Ireland as a recognised Notary Public. The acts of a Notary Public have worldwide recognition.

A Notary Public is empowered to :

  • Administer Oaths
  • Notarise International Adoption Documentation
  • Attest Signatures
  • Authenticate Documents
  • Notarise International Transaction Documentation
  • Take Affidavits (other than for the courts in Ireland)
  • Take Affirmations and Declarations
  • Receive and make protests under Mercantile Law and issue notarial certificates in respect of documents and persons
  • Draw up Powers of Attorney and other legal documents customarily prepared by Notaries Public

Notarising of legal documentation is particularly important in respect any matter with an international element such as commercial documents for international transactions or international adoption.

Once a document has been notarised it may be required to be apostiled or legalised and we can guide you with this process.